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Funny and sexiest banned commercials

Advertisements using sex

Take for example Durex, they sell condoms so it makes logical sense to include sexuality in their advertisements. Companies hope that when they create an amazing ad, it will go viral. Some of the content in this post might not be suitable for work. Here are seven other brands whose "sexy" ads are really more desperate than effective: Though quite daring, Jim Bean shows another way to approach sex in advertising — an artistic way. The July "Quickie" spot focuses on the same tropes -- the sexual fantasies of bored housewives. Great example of how sexual messages if too strong can harm your brand and irritate people.

Advertisements using sex

Bonus points for fancy pyrotechnics. The July "Quickie" spot focuses on the same tropes -- the sexual fantasies of bored housewives. Producers want their cars to be perceived as sexy, fast, daring, and so most of the advertising using sex, will work perfectly for cars. A word of advice… Not every product can be easily linked to erotic elements. Many said that the ad looks like a rape scene and so it was soon taken off. These marketing campaigns are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to sexualized advertising -- it really is everywhere. The one change that has been observed is combining sex with humour, which brought to live some of the best ads of all time. A good example of this matter is the Nikon camera add you will find below, that states it detects up to 12 faces. This Beetle ad is a great example of using implied sex Sex and marketing today With ever lore open society and less taboos, sex has become even more present in advertising. Some of the content in this post might not be suitable for work. Most people will find it offensive when ads showcase inappropriate body parts, or sexually engaging messages. Beats Pill speakers This April commercial features "Blurred Lines" and a whole lotta phallic imagery. But this time not everybody liked it. Diesel This daring ad is a classic. How does using sex in advertising work? There's nothing subtle about these "I heard you need it now" ads. Below we provided examples from companies that are in business to sell fashion, food, beauty, drinks and other types of products. Whenever a person is exposed to a sexual message, their old brain gets activated. Liquid-Plumr Sadly, the drain cleaner company's Feb. They were just one "X" away from pornographic anyway. Now back to you. Click the button below to get even more: It is one of the products that easily link to erotic messages. In fact, so strongly, that we will respond to messages that only imply sex. To give you some of the best sexually related advertisements, we have gathered a great collection for you to check out. Xyience Xenergy energy drink Any excuse to have a model dancing in her underwear, right? Cars Volkswagen The German brand enjoys experimenting with more daring advertising campaign.

Advertisements using sex

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