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Book love marriage and sex

This was the order that God intended should exist in man when He created him. Notice the circumstances that led to his fall. Hence I make no apology for hitting hard in some places. Till then they should give themselves unreservedly and undistractedly to the work of the Lord in all their spare moments. This book offers nothing in the way of technique but much in the way of the big picture. In other words, you should treat a girl just as you would want other men to treat your own sister. Each of them was to live for the other, and both were to live for God.

Book love marriage and sex

We have only to be careful that the house does not catch fire. For men, the greatest temptations come through the eyes. Homosexuality Homosexuality refers to sexual attraction between individuals of the same sex. The boy may escape in such cases with little or no damage to his prospects or even his character. Masturbation Looseness in thinking can lead to indisciplined indulgence of the body's sexual desires. Lustful thinking, once indulged in, will make a person more and more its slave. I have seen many Christians falling into Satan's traps in the realm of sex. The idea that friendliness with the opposite sex is an unspiritual thing is really part of the same philosophy that teaches that the single state is more blessed than the married one. We cannot afford to be like the unbeliever who falls in love with a person and then after some months or years changes his mind and falls in love with someone else. This word has primary reference in marriage to the union of the spirit of one with that of the other. He remains cautious and dignified, focusing more on the aspects of love and marriage than on pure sexuality. On such matters I have expressed myself unequivocally. Believers should be careful not to give any cause for scandal. Society seems so sexually permissive but how many people actually talk to each other within their relationship about what turns them on? But with puberty, there develops in each sex, an attraction for the opposite - although each will be slow to admit this. He was dedicated to her and wished to develop the potential that lay within her. If care is not exercised here and an unclean thought or picture is once allowed to enter our minds through the eye-gate, it becomes almost impossible to remove it from there. This was the order that God intended should exist in man when He created him. He said, I made a covenant with my eyes not to look with lust upon a girl Job Remember that our acceptance with God does not depend on whether we date or not. They had to discipline their bodies severely in order to get victory. But Prakash was not too upset by this, because he did not care much for the girl's feelings. If you honour God and obey the principles laid down in His Word, you can be assured of a life and an eternity that are free from all regret. Suresh had complete confidence in her and there was no feeling of insecurity. And if it is not only in the presence of attractive girls that caution has be to be exercised, for temptation can come from unattractive girls too. In the Old Testament, sexual union between a man and a woman is spoken of as "knowing". Thus the attractiveness of the opposite sex, though clean in itself, can become for us, an occasion for unclean thinking.

Book love marriage and sex

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  1. He should live so totally under the control of the Holy Spirit that he is able to rule his emotions, and not allow them to run away with him. The way to life may be narrow and difficult, but the Holy Spirit can strengthen us to walk that way.

  2. Some believers have the excellent habit of reading through Proverbs once every month - a chapter a day.

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