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Tanya Granic Allen: Ford's sex-ed repeal is a victory for families

Bureaucratic sex

We gather, we surround, we ask, we are surrounded. In short, the citizen rights we take for granted in our relations with the legal authority of the state seem to stop at the gates of the university. While the Davis protest may show clear links to Title IX policies, it is not clear how they relate to police responses on the other campuses to which this passage refers. Saliently decriminalized in the past decades, sex has at the same time become accountable to bureaucracy. The new protections treat students as hothouse flowers, Kipnis argues, policing sexual relations between faculty and students, and even classroom discussions, in a manner that assumes students to reside in a prolonged state of tutelage. The federal bureaucracy required nongovernmental institutions to create mini-bureaucracies, and to develop policies and procedures that are subject to federal oversight. Instead, she calls attention to the paucity of analysis both in university responses and in popular media accounts of what happened. Title IX, for those unfamiliar with it, is a generally straightforward statute of Civil Rights legislation that was added to the U.

Bureaucratic sex

Instead, she calls attention to the paucity of analysis both in university responses and in popular media accounts of what happened. They fire PepperBalls into—at—the crowd…. At a moment when it is politically difficult to criticize any undertaking against sexual assault, we are writing about the bureaucratic leveraging of sexual violence and harassment policy to regulate ordinary sex. Doyle discusses the Rolling Stone coverage of the University of Virginia woman who reported being gang raped at a fraternity, then later retracted her story; the Rutgers incident in which a man surreptitiously videotaped his roommate having sex with other men, after which the gay roommate committed suicide; the Penn State riots of following disciplinary action against a popular coach for his failure to take action against an assistant coach who was showering with pre-pubescent boys in the locker room. Education Amendments of , stating: Similarly, there is an unusual stridency in her tone when she adopts a first-person plural voice at the conclusion of the book to describe a number of violent break-ups of Occupy protests on U. Ultimately, Doyle found herself under scrutiny in an administrative hearing for her own scholarship, which, for those readers unfamiliar with it, skillfully treats sexual politics from a queer and feminist perspective. Saliently decriminalized in the past decades, sex has at the same time become accountable to bureaucracy. Davis campus in November of That oversight is not merely, as currently assumed, of sexual harassment and sexual violence, but also of sex itself. While most of the stories Doyle cites will be familiar to anyone paying attention to US college news over the past five years, the conclusions she draws are nuanced and interesting, neither vilifying the offenders nor excusing their actions. Notes [1] The full text of the amendment is available online at https: They throw us to the ground, drive a baton into our sides, whack our hands with their sticks and break our fingers, they drag our friends, our teachers, our students to jail. This lack is somewhat baffling, because Doyle herself has personal experience with that investigative apparatus and seems to bear the scars of her encounter with it. She teaches a wide variety of courses, including courses in American and British literature, film, critical theory, sexuality studies, and cultural studies. There are places where I can feel the pain of her own experience haunting the story she is telling, as in this passage, describing the experience of harassed victims everywhere: One either clams up, or speaks like a hysteric—a repulsive verbal diarrhea spreads over every conversation. But in applying those standards, something has gone terribly wrong. An appropriate response to this incident, and to the others described in the book, would thus require a more discriminating interrogation of desire, an application of sexual intelligence and curiosity into the meaning of the incidents that transpired. This seems an unlikely starting point for a discussion of Title IX, but Doyle connects some interesting and unexpected dots. Works Cited Kipnis, Laura. Universities found to violate this statute are placed on a watchlist of the Office of Civil Rights, which can entail serious consequences, including a loss of federal funding. Nevertheless, Campus Sex, Campus Security is a book that deserves to be widely read and discussed. Economic Theology in the Age of Finance Capital. Her book opens with a prologue in which she describes how she filed her own Title IX charges against a student who was stalking and harassing her, then leveled a second complaint against the administration for how the first charge was handled she never explains the nature of that secondary complaint. The police do something incomprehensible.

Bureaucratic sex

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