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The Harmful Effects of Early Sex & Multiple Partners Among Women

Consequences of early sex

Three additional measures were included in the 10th grade survey: The 10th grade surveys were administered either individually or, more commonly, in small groups. Among females, a similar pattern is evident: Indeed, a recent report on sexuality education indicates that school programs have focused increasingly on abstinence over the past decade, contrary to what teachers perceive are their students' needs. There are also no differences by year of enrollment. National surveys have consistently found that a small percentage of adolescents report first intercourse prior to high school; yet within the national statistics, it is easy to gloss over the high prevalence of early sexual initiation within some communities, such as the urban settings in which RFH operates. Using data collected from an exclusively minority sample of urban males and females who were surveyed at multiple time points from the seventh through 10th grades, this article is aimed at contributing to our understanding of the relationship between early sexual debut and subsequent sexual risk-taking in this population. Inconsistent condom use, however, appears relatively constant for both genders regardless of the timing of initiation of sex. Researchers surveyed ninth graders at two high schools about their sexual history in late and again at three follow-up assessments conducted at six-month intervals.

Consequences of early sex

Researchers paired adult female hamsters with male hamsters when the males were 40 days old, the equivalent of a human's mid-adolescence. Innovative approaches must be developed that aim not only to reduce the numbers of young adolescents having sex but also to break the pattern of sustained risk-taking among those who resist messages to abstain. Family Planning Perspectives, , 33 5: For example, those who reported sexual experience in fall of seventh grade at baseline were more than twice as likely as those who abstained through the end of middle school to have had four or more sex partners by 10th grade odds ratio, 2. Caution was taken to always provide a "no" response first to questions about sexual relationships. Although the more recently undertaken National Longitudinal Survey of Adolescent Health is designed to include younger participants and to oversample minorities, it too has limitations in focusing on developmental patterns of sexual risk-taking among minority youth. Early sex can also lead to medical problems later in life. National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy, Stanton BR et al. These questions were developed by the multisite research agreement steering committee for use with adolescents as young as 11 and We address the following questions: Coker AL et al. In previous reports, we have shown that participation in the RFH service learning intervention reduced levels of risky sex and, to a lesser extent, violence; 12 this program was identified by the National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy as one of a handful of effective pregnancy prevention programs. Using condoms and spermicidal jellies and creams, you can help prevent unwanted pregnancy and the transmission of some forms of venereal disease. We then tabulated sexual behaviors at 10th grade by timing of initiation for males and females. The assumption that early adolescents are not sexually active or the desire to believe this is the case has resulted in serious limitations on what prevention and intervention programs can address at different developmental stages. As part of their regular school week, service learning students were assigned to work in community agencies, such as day care and senior centers. Furthermore, we examined the relationship between timing of initiation and 10th grade sexual behaviors using logistic regression analyses that controlled for gender, ethnicity, race, age and year of enrollment. The RFH sample used in the following analyses includes those youth who remained in their middle school through eighth grade spring and completed three middle school surveys seventh grade fall, seventh grade spring and eighth grade spring. Both those who had had sex at baseline and those who initiated intercourse in seventh or eighth grade were more likely than those who did so in early high school to report frequent intercourse odds ratios, 2. Table 4 provides the odds ratios and confidence intervals for sexual risks at 10th grade by timing of initiation and gender; the figures are adjusted for race, ethnicity and age. Similarly, there were no significant baseline differences in other indices between the two samples, including age, expectation to complete high school and living in a household with a mother or father. In these analyses, ethnicity and race are significantly associated with one outcome: Next, we categorized respondents into four groups according to the timing of reported sexual initiation: Thus, this longitudinal study provides an opportunity to examine the developmental progression of risk behaviors during those years in which many minority youth become sexually active. A fuller understanding of culturally defined gender roles and their link to early sexual experimentation will be essential for the development of programs that address the needs of both young males and young females.

Consequences of early sex

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  1. Among females, a similar pattern is evident: The youth placed their completed surveys in envelopes, which were sealed and delivered to the field administrator.

  2. Hamsters reach puberty at 21 days, and by 40 days have reached late- to post-adolescence, roughly equivalent to ages 16 to 20 in humans, said study researcher Randy Nelson, neuroscience professor and chair at Ohio State.

  3. When we reran the regression analyses excluding inconsistent responders, the magnitude of the odds ratios and their level of significance were virtually identical.

  4. At one of these schools, students were randomly assigned by classroom either to receive the curriculum only or to participate in the RFH service learning intervention. Was there differential attrition by consistency of reporting, and does inconsistent reporting influence the significance of our findings?

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