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George judy jetson sex

Cogswell has often tried to steal Spacely's ideas and make them his own to gain an advantage only for it to backfire on both bosses. Spacely's son— Dick Beals earlier episodes , Catherine Thompson season 3 Uniblab, George's mortal enemy—an obnoxious robot who was also his supervisor at work. Astro is the Jetsons' family dog. He is a small man with thinning black hair and a bad temper, and is the main antagonist of the series. She's an outdated model, but the Jetsons love her and would never trade her for a newer model. He built a robot named Mac who has a crush on Rosie. Jane is obsessed with fashion and new gadgetry.

George judy jetson sex

He is a small man with thinning black hair and a bad temper, and is the main antagonist of the series. Spacely has a competitor, Mr. He's also not above firing his employees when any little thing goes wrong. Excluding a scene from the closing credits, Rosie appears in only two episodes of the original s show, but makes many appearances on the s show. Spacely is sometimes helped out by Uniblab , the company's robot assistant. Housekeeping is seen to by a robot maid, Rosie , which handles chores not otherwise rendered trivial by the home's numerous push-button Space Age -envisioned conveniences. His company was founded in Newfoundland in A mild-mannered and good child, Elroy attends Little Dipper School, where he studies space history, astrophysics, and star geometry. His name is an acronym for Referential Universal Differential Indexer. Despite this, everyone complains of exhausting hard labor and difficulties living with the remaining inconveniences. Rosie does all the housework and some of the parenting. Penny Singleton was the voice of Jane Jetson. The family has a dog named Astro, that like Scooby-Doo talks with an initial consonant mutation in which every word begins with an "R", as if speaking with a growl. Jane is obsessed with fashion and new gadgetry. She is a strong authoritarian and occasionally dispenses pills to the family. Spacely always comes up with ideas to bring in more business, but they backfire. George Jetson's workweek is typical of his era: Recurring characters Montague Jetson, George Jetson's kindly but eccentric grandfather, who constantly annoys the cop every time he meets him— Howard Morris Mrs. Appeared in two s episodes, "Uniblab", where he becomes George's supervisor, and "G. A student at Orbit High School, she is a stereotypical teenage girl whose interests include clothes, hanging out with boys, and revealing secrets to her digital diary that she calls Didi. List of The Jetsons characters George Jetson: This character was introduced in the s version of the series, but didn't appear for the third season except for one cameo or any of the movies. He is an inventor and works at his uncle's factory, where he is constantly inventing things to help his uncle Cosmo out. Slate of The Flintstones. He is able to speak in a rough sounding English resembling dog barks and growls, a manner of speaking which voice actor Don Messick would later reuse for the role of Scooby-Doo. George Jetson lives with his family in the Skypad Apartments: He is always helpful and always in a good mood.

George judy jetson sex

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