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Guinea pig sex tell

So you can see why territory disputes can break out. We affectionatly called her Molly Mop: The White Crested These little bundles of joy are definitely a crowd pleaser. The Abyssinian One of the older species, the Abyssinian guinea pig is certainly an icebreaker for a new home visitor. They may be constantly on edge which just isn't good for their happiness, health and may even effect their imune system because they are so stressed out. This would not be an ideal pet for a child because they are not as low maintenance as, for example, the American. Don't attempt to separate them with your bare hands. In no way are your guinea pigs to blame, some piggies were born to be dominant, others aren't, its just natures way. Affix a shelf in his cage so that he can access it without knocking it over.

Guinea pig sex tell

Some want to be the alpha male, others are more submissive or simply aren't interested in taking the leadership role. Some very dominant sows won't tolerate a very dominant boar, so be prepared for this to happen. Rumble The rumble is similar to the purr, except with a vibrating effect and lower pitch. It really isn't fair on the under piggy and its detrimental to their health and happiness. So, I decided to leave it to the professionals and decided to report him when I arrived home. Boars and Sows One neutered boar can live with several sows. So through domestication, wheeking was learned. Also, if they see you approaching them with food, expect them to wheek out of excitement in anticipation. And if you ever get the chance to see it, just leave them alone and appreciate this natural occurence. If you or a fellow cage mate interrupts his or her nap, you may hear this noise. For example, if you usually use a guinea pig igloo, then buy another one so they have one each. Happy raising and feel free to ask questions in the forum. As a responsible guinea pig owner, you need to monitor your guinea pig behaviour. His happiness depends not only on the proper food and housing but also on the affectionate treatment you give him. Some guinea pigs may form very close relationships, others may not, but most are happy to have company and know that they aren't on their own. I noticed the guinea pigs didn't have any water in their bowl or have access to a water bottle. For example, although my Peachy is one of the most placid of guinea pigs any guinea pig could meet, if Jake who isn't her cage mate continues to try and give her unwanted attention, she will tell him off by gently nipping him. There have also been several cases of guinea pig noises not on this list, although it is very rare. Although I rarely judge a book by its cover, I didn't want a confrontation with a 6 foot plus man, countless tattoo's with a menacing look about him, the latter being part of the reason for avoiding a confrontation. My red traffic light means things are ok and they are just going through friendly rituals and getting to know each other. You will get to see so many different kinds of behaviour when they interact with each other. But if you are hearing loud squeals, please keep looking out for this behaviour and make sure the under piggy is having their share of the food and water. If you see a poorly looking guinea pig, you may want to try and help the guinea pig, however, if you can remember that you could possibly face a lot of worry and heartache. The White Crested These little bundles of joy are definitely a crowd pleaser. Sometimes the older guinea pigs have been neglected, but with a loving owner, they will soon come to trust you and give you endless joy. This would not be an ideal pet for a child because they are not as low maintenance as, for example, the American.

Guinea pig sex tell

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