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Couples Talk About The Llifestyle, Swinging, & Their Experience on a Lifestyle Vacation

Sex at hedo

I am not typically the one to make the first move, but I will if I feel a spark, especially with a women. This was our first time at this part of the resort. We entered in and walked around to the back towards the bathrooms. We finally found our way to the hot tub after getting lost more than once and being told we were entering restricted areas. There were less couples then the day before so after lounging around we headed to the beach part. I wanted to taste her and I wanted to make her feel amazing. I am one of those women who loves to eat out another women.

Sex at hedo

We were starving when we arrived so we quickly got ready and went to check out the dinner buffet. We entered in and walked around to the back towards the bathrooms. Every day we did exactly what we wanted to in order to be happy and at peace; I can honestly say there is something for everyone! We danced with some others in the foam pit and had a few light conversations with others at the bar. I love the taste, smell…how they squirm with delight when you find a special spot. Perhaps a couple bottles of Red Stripe or water to quench the thirst. I straddled mine and started to lustfully kiss him, ignoring who and what was around me. I, of course, brought tons of outfits with me and immediately put my sexy lace toga and thong on. We made out on the bed together for a while in front of our men. I slowly crept my fingers closer and then soon they were helping to bring out her deep growl as she pulsated and grinded against me. Although we were in good company and having obvious fun, it was also apparent the jet leg, booze, lack of food and very hot tub caught up with me. I slowly and softly bite her lips and teased my lips against her jaw. We both had an amazing time on our trip; it was everything we imagined it could be and more. While we were sitting and talking, another couple came up and started to join in on our conversation. After everyone seemed comfortable and loose, new couple announced that they were previously gifted some E from others who were leaving and could not bring it back home with them on the plane. Tay and G seemed a little unsure but they agreed it felt like the right moment with the right people. Soon they came walking up and we all greeted each other before heading into the restaurant. When we returned, we each went to our own man. The weather and the delicious Hummingbird drinks started to chill us ladies, so we all strolled up to the hot tub for a quick warm up. The new couple revealed that they had been there for quite a while I think around 14 days and were quite familiar with the entire resort. We originally booked a garden view room on the prude side aka clothing optional and figured since it was low season we might be able to upgrade for a smaller amount then through WestJet. You do not have to be in The Lifestyle to feel like you would fit in, and if you are, you likely are in for a great week! Gradually I moved to her breasts and nibbled underneath of them —a very sensitive spot for most women and I could tell she enjoyed it by her body language and moans. The men soon joined in and we all enjoyed some soft sexual play. Did I get naked before? When we arrived at the resort, we were pleasantly greeted by the front of house staff.

Sex at hedo

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  1. She was right, this did feel different…it felt incredible. I straddled mine and started to lustfully kiss him, ignoring who and what was around me.

  2. We were super excited to check out the resort so we rolled up a juicy blunt and walked around a bit before getting ready for the foam toga party. I reached out to kiss her and immediately she kissed me back hard.

  3. She whimpered when my lips gently played and teased hers, and soon, I engulfed her. Or did I un-dress there in front of everyone?

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