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Why Don't I Get Wet When I'm Turned On?

Sex i couldnt get wet

Is there ever alcohol involved? It may be that you guys are becoming more familiar with each other and the idea of getting in your pants isn't immediately arousing to her but she still is into you and wants to have sex but just isn't wet as quickly. I don't know how old you are, but you really should have learned steps by now. And like a guy can take Viagra, a woman can use KY. Relationship counselling individually or with a partner can help, as might seeing a psychosexual therapist your GP may be able refer you on the NHS although there may be a waiting list.

Sex i couldnt get wet

Purchase a book by Lou Paget. If you insist on continuing on with your baseless assumptions and theories, you may as well break up with her now, because the relationship does not have a healthy future. I recommend Liquid Silk. Anonymous, it would be like if a woman jumped on your lap and tried to start riding you before she even checked to see if you were hard, and had done nothing to your unit to make it so. Problem solved, end of conflict. You never mention how "in to her you are" or how much you love her or anything. Alcohol is a depressant which leads to delayed reactions and dampened nerves, interfering with your bedroom performance. When I first met my girl, she told me she had had sexual problems with her ex boyfriend. Using lube does not mean my partner is bad in bed. You'll be doing her a favor. Take some time to preheat her and things may work themselves out. Most women need foreplay, and it's perfectly fair and reasonable for her to ask for it. Do not bother with K-Y. This may be so, but how come she got turned on earlier in the relationship without me doing these "things"? Often women aren't always wet. She wants it, so that's not the problem. Alternatively you might experiment with different types of personal lubricant. Particularly if you are unable to discuss this, or they appear unable to act on what you tell them. It's as useless and senseless to blame me for this as it is to blame me for sweating when it's hot and shivering when it's cold. And then take time to preheat at night time-- a bath together, massages, you can figure it out. If you just want to have sex with a wet pussy, this may not be the ideal situation for you. This miracle of technology is available to you. Maybe you should listen to her and "do those things". Because you're letting it. It may be that the two of you are just not compatible, and you'd do better apart than together.

Sex i couldnt get wet

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  1. And for the record, steps are things I recommend to teenagers at the sexual health clinic I work at.

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