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14. What Motivates Us: Sex

Sex is philosophy

Sex, Love, and Friendship. He wants us to experience something better! See Alan Soble, Sexual Investigations, chapter 4. Aquinas would judge the sexual activity of the fetishist to be immoral precisely because it is perverted it violates a natural pattern established by God , while Nagel would not conclude that it must be morally wrong—after all, a fetishistic sexual act might be carried out quite harmlessly—even if it does indicate that something is suspicious about the fetishist's psychology. Two prominent objections to the New Natural Law view are 1 that the view of marriage is both undefended and implausible: Perhaps morally good sexual activity tends also to be the most satisfying sexual activity, in the nonmoral sense.

Sex is philosophy

Indeed, utilitarians such as Jeremy Bentham and even John Stuart Mill might claim that, in general, the nonmoral goodness of sexual activity goes a long way toward justifying it. If X straight, X would not be attracted to someone who is anatomically male. The arousal of the fetishist is, from the perspective of natural human psychology, defective. Maybe that will make you feel better. But my deepest enjoyment—my life-plan, to use philosophical jargon—is to pursue the pleasures of sex. The Value of Sex What is the value of sex? Is sexual activity like any other activity in that the same moral rules apply to it? But whether the intentional view is at odds with the pleasure view depends on our goals. Others, such ownership and denial of subjectivity, seem rare Halwani a. See Russell Vannoy's spirited defense of the value of sexual activity for its own sake, in Sex Without Love. These views have in common the idea that sexual desire is desire for brute bodily pleasures, possibly implying that sexual desire is merely a biological appetite. Remember, too, that good sexual adjustment takes time, love and understanding. This independence lends support to pessimist views of sexual desire, which consider it morally dangerous and threatening to our rationality including Christian philosophers such as Augustine and Thomas Aquinas, Plato, Kant, and Schopenhauer [ On such an analysis, procreative sexual activities, when the penis is placed into the vagina, would be sexual activities only when they produce sexual pleasure, and not when they are as sensually boring as a handshake. Actually, acting from sexual desire might diminish its goodness if sexual desire objectifies see below. And Marcia, a straight woman, might be wrong to assert her straight identity in a climate in which gay people are oppressed, much like a person might be wrong to assert his white identity in a racist society, also allowing for disagreements with her see Alcoff , esp. Brogaard, Berit, , On Romantic Love: Marcus Dods, Peabody, MA: I love you even if someone better looking comes along, even with your faults and even if you change. One day, X discovers that some people have entered her apartment and used it to entertain themselves. Simon and Schuster, Similarly, what is it about homosexual sexual activities that makes them sexual? Is there a sexual orientation, then, for young people? So whenever X sexually desires someone or something, X does so under a description: It came from an ancient writer and described the kind of love for which I was thirsty:

Sex is philosophy

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