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A Fun Tantric Experience – To Try Tonight

Sex lessons for men tantra london

I will ask about your sex life and assess well where you are right now. For many couples one Tantric sex coaching session is enough, they have a fundamental shift and they keep discovering on their own. Each pair will spend 20 minutes touching the other person, first with a feather, then with fingertips. Understanding and vision is important, and I will explain to you some solid and powerful new principles of sex before we get to practice. Of course it is just a base, and there is a lot more to discover. There is lots of giggling.

Sex lessons for men tantra london

Or any other kind of counselling, for that matter. He says that in our culture, sex involves either obsession or repression, and that this is all about getting in touch with your inner self via your body. Who wants to do exercises in a group workshop? We do pelvic shaking — lifting our pelvises off the floor and shaking like mad, to open our chakras and get them spinning they spin, allegedly, even though they are invisible. I am full of admiration for these men. She vibrates with her own power. This website is well, all about Tantra and my personal journey and experience of over 26 years. My style of working is to make sure that after your Tantric sex coaching you can go home and start a new sex life. I get the idea that being a nice man can be really hard work sometimes, and feel empathy instead of my usual wariness. There is much hilarity in the room. My bottom line is: Then we do one more physical exercise, the Inner Flute, where we lie on yoga mats. Floor cushions line the walls, and at the far end is an altar with a statue of Shiva, candles, flowers, crystal hearts, some rose quartz penises and a glass vagina. Tantric sex coaching Sex lessons or classes in London Tantric massage workshops Courses on Tantric sex or tantric massage in London General sex coaching or sex advice. I really hope you enjoy my website and I look forward to the opportunity of meeting you. I find myself screaming and coughing and retching, like everyone else — this is the body ridding itself of old psychic pain, apparently. Or you might, having read this, decide it sounds like exactly what you have needed all your life, and dive in head first. What can you even practice or learn in a group workshop on sex? First two of the Angels do a demo — one is the Streamer, the other the Supporter. The Streamer then proceeds to have a full on meltdown — screaming, gagging, shouting, howling, all witnessed with mild alarm by the rest of us. Sometimes it becomes clear during our workshop that it will be more useful for you to focus deeper on certain things, than learn a bit of everything. Afterwards we have a quick lie down. If you feel comfortable and want to practice something, we can do that. Six of the group are experienced practitioners and are here to facilitate — to support the rest of us, and look after us. Others prefer to come back again to refresh or learn the next set. They are approximations — and when you come home you simply transfer them immediately into real sex. This will never happen in my workshops.

Sex lessons for men tantra london

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