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Video about sex life after a stroke:

Sex after stroke

Sex life after a stroke

Talk with your partner about the changes. If you have communication difficulties after your stroke, non-verbal cues such as touch can help, and your speech pathologist can suggest other strategies. Start slowly, perhaps just by being close and cuddling. Women report a strong decrease in vaginal lubrication and the ability to have orgasms. Sexual attractiveness and intimacy are augmented by simply having fun together. Similarly women at menopause age should not use HRT. How you feel about sex is directly connected to how you feel about yourself and how you feel in general. Ask your therapist to recommend different positions.

Sex life after a stroke

Talk with your partner about the changes. Do not stop taking any medicine without the advice of your doctor. Your sense of touch may be affected after a stroke. Disability from a stroke is something you and your partner need to learn about, accept, and adapt to. As a couple you need to be patient, loving and keep humor in the relationship. It takes a lot of patience and a lot of love. And so we weren't, he wasn't able to have sex and I wasn't interested and we, then that's how it's continued. There may also be challenges with affected limbs. Your partner may be concerned that sex could cause you worry or pain. Be sure and allow enough time to help compensate for slower physical responses. The amount of energy needed for sex is about the same as the energy used to walk up one or two flights of stairs. Everything from depression to impotence to concern over your appearance to side effects of medication to fatigue may be at play. However, men should avoid erectile dysfunction drugs if they are taking medications for angina. Do things that make both of you feel sexy and attractive. Women who have had a stroke are advised not to take the pill as there is an increased risk of stroke with women using the pill. Some younger women we spoke to had also been advised not to have children and others had decided that they were not physically capable of looking after a child. It shows warmth, caring and desire. The following are other ways that a stroke affects your relationship: Open communication is key, but very difficult. Rediscover what you and your partner enjoy. Talk to your partner. Be open and honest to our partner if in a relationship to establish or continue good communication. The tips, products or resources listed have not been reviewed or endorsed by the American Stroke Association. Emotional changes can impact your interest in sex. This may help you avoid impotence caused by medication.

Sex life after a stroke

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  1. This information is provided as a resource to our readers. Like many stroke survivors, you may have questions:

  2. If you are concerned, talk to your doctor. Communication is a key ingredient in a satisfying sex life, and both our experts agreed that survivors with aphasia can still enjoy sex.

  3. You may need to find new positions and ways of doing things. Ability to talk and understand what others are saying to you Changes in relationship roles.

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