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Chocolate and sex...

Sex with choclate

Later, mechanical inventions made it possible to produce smooth, creamy, solid chocolate for eating -- not just the liquid for drinking. We also revealed how some women who have lost their libido say they are in happy relationships despite NEVER having sex. Once an indulgence of royalty, it is now a treasured and accessible — and yes, even healthy — treat. Jennifer Newton The Sun August 7, But what can men do if their libido is falling flat and getting it on with their partner is the last thing on their mind? There are few foods that evoke as much passion as this decadent treat.

Sex with choclate

Fussell, senior director of communications for the National Confectioners Association. But beware, chocolate candy has plenty of saturated fat and sugar, so only enjoy small portions of it as part of a healthy diet. Here are the foods that will get you in the mood. Broccoli helps remove excess oestrogen, and in turn, increases testosterone. The Spanish conquistadors brought cocoa seeds back to Spain, where they introduced new spices and sugar to the liquid concoction. A tiny amount of PEA is released at moments of emotional euphoria, elevating blood pressure and heart rate. Chocolate has even been taken into space as part of the diet of U. Oats You should never skip breakfast — mainly because oats increase the amount of testosterone available in your bloodstream. Casanova, the infamous womanizer, made a habit of drinking chocolate before his romantic escapades. Fish Foods high in vitamins B such as fish are major factors in increasing libido. New research has revealed that men who have sex several times a week can improve their circulation which in turn gives them healthier blood vessels. So where did our infatuation with chocolate begin? Charlie Turner and Lee Foster, founders of Neat Nutrition have come up with seven foods that can boost your libido. Chocolate contains small amounts of a chemical called phenylethylamine PEA , a. In central Mexico, the Aztecs believed that wisdom and power came from eating the fruit of the cocoa tree, and that it had nourishing, fortifying, and even aphrodisiac qualities. There is no evidence that PEA found in foods increases PEA in the brain — although many chocolate lovers may beg to differ! Once an indulgence of royalty, it is now a treasured and accessible — and yes, even healthy — treat. To the Mayans, cocoa pods symbolized life and fertility. The fad drink spread throughout Europe, where it remained a beverage of the elite for centuries. But it contains high levels of allicin, and increases blood flow. Garlic Garlic might seem like the last thing you want to eat before a night of passion. Protein, rich in whey, is vital for the manufacture testosterone. Oats increase the amount of testosterone available in your bloodstream. Vitamin B3 is in charge of anaerobic metabolism, which offers sexual energy and raises blood flow to the genitalia and B6 regulates prolactin responsible for levels of sexual enjoyment in men. The pod was often represented in religious rituals, including marriage ceremonies, and was referred to as food of the gods.

Sex with choclate

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