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Video about sims 2 sex animations:

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Sims 2 sex animations

Freaking awesome job man! The couple have just finished smooching, end up standing in the standard locations, and then begin playing my custom anims. D Keep it up! So just "Fuck Doggy Animation"? I'll try not to clutter up your thread too much. Yup, sounds like a good idea!

Sims 2 sex animations

Since the MTS forums have to remain family friendly, we can't really discuss this sort of modding project over there. Like have all the moodlets from Twallan's woohooer and chance of pregnancy, ect. My mod is getting closer, I've finished up the three sets of animations I intend to include in the initial release. It's easier than that -- just enter "Fuck" for the sim doing the deed, and "Fucked" for the sim on the receiving end. I chose a rug as the object and followed the tutorial step by step and used my own animation, but ingame when i bought the rug, the game crashed: I believe the admins are pretty busy with the backlog over at MTS, so my mod may take a little while to appear here. Below is an example to show the idea more clearly. I also tried to made animations for the Animation Player and it works fine. Here's some preview videos: Anyway, thanks a bunch and keep up the great work! Yes, I found that particular tutorial a little confusing. Example - as beta-version for testing? The interactions provide a moodlet and boost the sims' "fun" motive, but there's no risky version with a chance of pregnancy. It must of been a lot more difficult to do this here than in Sims 2. But I hope you have your own thread than: The first release is now in the submission queue. Is that what you meant, or something else? Someone knows what's wrong? Why you don't make this amazing work public? Create the object and make sure your custom interaction is working fine, then you can refer back to the other tutorial to see how to modify the Run method to execute a Jazz script, which in turn plays your custom animation. FallinEsper, to get around the positioning problem, I designed my animations to be used after specific game interactions. For example, for two sims having missionary sex on the floor, the animations I made are designed to work after the couple have kissed or embraced or some other standing social interaction. Sex on a bed http: Next step - doggy animations! I would recommend starting with this one http: Yeah, it's not the best animation, but hey it's an example.

Sims 2 sex animations

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  1. That's more or less what I hope to do, to release a preliminary version for people to, ummm, bang on so to speak and find problems while I create more animations and refine them.

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