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WATERSPORTS for Beginners

Watersports sex tips

As you lie on your back with your legs spread apart, your client kneels between your thighs. And, if your client expects to consume your urine, he needs to be properly hydrated. However, its taboo nature did make it a popular choice for clients who came to see me as a dominatrix. People have been utilizing urine and full-bladder sensations for centuries as ways to enhance and arouse sexual pleasure. Kenny, Ohio, US I like to be dominated, and told to drink excessive amounts of water. They may become equally aroused by watching someone else wet themselves, too. Additionally, your client may enjoy the urine stream you release.

Watersports sex tips

From design to marketing, we offer you every single tool that you need in order to make yourself known and remembered in the escort business. Avoid eating asparagus, onion, tuna, broccoli, cauliflower, chili peppers and foods with cumin or saffron in them. So, just consuming extra water helps to tame the taste and smell of your urine. The key is to be relaxed, try it with a partner you trust, and to be well hydrated. I fantasise about that feeling of being full, and the wetness as we continue to screw. For instance, many escorts limit golden showers to the bathtub so that the mess is contained and slipping on a wet surface is not a risk. Try it with someone who has done it at least a few times in the past. But, you must learn to engage, despite it. Log in the Amazon: And, you may need to rehearse to determine how much water you need to drink to safely have a full bladder for your client. Other games exist, including those where your client may pleasure you through water sports, including: A few clients enjoy being watched by someone else when they urinate. The act of holding in the need to urinate until you urgently need to go is known as Omorashi. The release, along with the orgasm, should be extremely satisfying. Encourage your client to hydrate ahead of time. Watersports, also referred to as WS, piss-play, or golden showers, many guys have fetishes, fantasies, and kinks around this highly sexual experience. In this sexual act, one partner will piss over the other partner. Additionally, your client may enjoy the urine stream you release. Watering the Oak Tree: Foods rich in Vitamin B6 can impact the smell of your urine; they include: Although rare, water intoxication is a very serious condition brought on by consuming too much water in a short amount of time. Scenarios where a client wets himself in your presence, especially where he can soak his legs and other body parts may be especially arousing for him. Many say they want to be the receiver of a golden shower, only to chicken out when the opportunity actually arises. Some clients will ask for it, but they will have no idea how to proceed with the activity. The best feeling is when I just cannot wait and have to wet myself, and clean it up afterwards.

Watersports sex tips

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  1. There are also plenty of ways you can enjoy it without things getting messy. Carefully select where you will be engaging in the activity so you can avoid extra laundry or worse messes.

  2. Regardless of where you plan to perform the special service, think ahead about clean up and attempt to reduce the mess as much as possible. Carefully select where you will be engaging in the activity so you can avoid extra laundry or worse messes.

  3. Ask which actions he wants to participate in and get his consent. Improve the smell and taste of your urine.

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