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Video about women are the strong sex for surviving lifes condition:

Women 'more likely than men to survive life-threatening situation'

Women are the strong sex for surviving lifes condition

Indeed, the study found that even under extremely harsh and critical conditions, women have a survival advantage, said lead author Virginia Zarulli, an assistant professor at the Institute of Public Health at the University of Southern Denmark. Plantations slaves in Trinidad 25 , The hippocampus, the part of the brain associated with emotions and memory, is similar-sized in both sexes. We investigate whether the ability of women to survive better under difficult circumstances extends to crises such as famines, epidemics, or slavery. The arrival in Liberia was a mortality shock. The study also found that nearly nine in ten men don't like to trouble medical professionals unless they have a 'serious problem'. The bundles of DNA within each of our cells are known as chromosomes.

Women are the strong sex for surviving lifes condition

But women's powerful immune systems can sometimes attack themselves, making them more prone to autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus and multiple sclerosis. Many undertook the risky trip and went to Liberia, where they encountered a very different disease environment than the one in which they grew up. Wonder Woman may be taking cinemas by storm this summer, but it's always Superman, with his rippling abs and bulging biceps, who saves the damsel in distress. The study found that women outlived men by six months to four years, on average, Zarulli said. AFP Women across the globe are defying age old patriarchal norms and smashing stereotypes by claiming their space in various fields. Women are stronger than men, more likely to survive life threatening crisis: Women are more likely to have insomnia and fatigue in the weeks before they have a heart attack, rather than the chest pain commonly experienced by men. Historical demographic data can be often problematic. The difference becomes even smaller later in life: Absolute and relative differences in male and female life expectancy for seven high-mortality populations during and, when available, before and after extreme mortality conditions For the other populations analyzed in this study only partial information about mortality in normal conditions was available. On average, men have bigger builds, with more muscle compared to fat, and a more even fat distribution throughout their bodies. The Swedish famine in — If a baby boy and girl get exactly the same neonatal medical care, boys are statistically 10 per cent more likely to die. The very high quality of its data is ensured by the database being limited to populations for which death registration and census data are virtually complete, since this type of information is necessary for the uniform method used to reconstruct the data series. Severe weather and unsanitary wet conditions facilitated the spread of the disease by causing many complications such as diarrhea and chronic bronchitis The Human Mortality Database is the best source of historical and current death rates for national populations. Fortunately, the authors had available several analyses of the migration flows, mostly based on ship passenger lists and on British censuses which recorded the Irish-born population resident in Britain , which allowed them to estimate quite precisely the age and sex profile of the migrants for example, the male: A finding that men and women have similar life expectancies under these conditions would challenge the notion that the survival advantage of women is fundamentally biologically determined in all environments. In the lower-bound life table, female slaves suffered from higher mortality than male slaves from birth until age 25 y, while in the upper-bound life table women had lower mortality than men at birth, experienced higher mortality until age 15 y, and afterward experienced lower mortality again. So, the researchers decided to investigate these situations to tease out whether the differences observed could be explained by biological or environmental factors. Getty Images Indeed, women are known to be particularly good at endurance running, notes Marlene Zuk , who runs a lab focusing on evolutionary biology at the University of Minnesota. British researchers have found that women are better than men at reporting poor health, and more likely to seek medical help when they first experience symptoms. We analyzed seven documented populations with extremely low life expectancies 20 y or less for at least one of the sexes, due to extreme conditions such as famines, epidemics, or slavery. Women, with two versions of the X chromosome, have a back-up copy in case one is faulty or goes wrong. For an enormous chunk of early human history, as we migrated through Africa to the rest of the world, women would also have travelled hundreds or thousands of miles, sometimes under extreme environmental conditions.

Women are the strong sex for surviving lifes condition

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