5 Premier League players stole from home

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5 Premier League players stole from home. It is shocking and heartbreaking that Chelsea right-back Reece James is hit by a group of thieves. Who broke into his home and was rob. In which there are many valuables in the safe. Among them are the 2020-21 UEFA Champions League winners’ medals and the Euro 2020 runners-up medals. That were won just a few months ago.

This is not the first time a cat’s paw has invaded the homes of Premier League players, who are largely wealthy from earning substantial wages. Today we’re going to give some. Examples of how in the past some Premier League players have been stolen from their belov home by thieves.

Emile Heskey

    When Heskey was playing for Wigan Athletic, there was one time at his Cheshire home that was the victim of a villain. And the shocking thing is that the incident started at 11 a.m., not in the middle of the night like a typical robbery.

   Heskey’s fiance, Chantel Taco, was at home at the time. This caused the mob to threaten her with knives to prevent her from reporting to the police. Before they left the house with several jewels and a BMW.

Phil Jagielka

 In September 2009, three attackers raided Jagielka’s £2.5million home where they carried knives. Before getting a Range Rover and many more expensive jewelry back.

    At the time of the attack, the assailant use a knife to point a person in the house to extract information about. Where the valuables were kept. And the person. Who is hit with the knife is none other than Jagielka. Who at the time was recuperating from an anterior cruciate ligament injury. And is preparing to cheer on the teammates through the television screen.

Sadio Mane

    If being attack by thieves even once was a serious matter. Then Mane was in more traumatic situations. Because he has been the victim of a villain twice while playing for Liverpool, the first of which happened in November 2017, when he was playing for the club in the UEFA Champions League match against Maribor. At Anfield, only at that time it was not reveal what had been snatch.

    The second took place in February 2019, when Mane was playing in the Champions League at home to the “Reds” as well and against Bayern Munich in the round. This also contains details about the stolen items. with things like car keys, expensive watches and multiple phones, etc.

Darren Fletcher

    If talking about Manchester United players. Who are target by the thieves. Many may think of Angel Di Maria first, as thieves broke into his home when he and his family were at home. And it is said that it is the beginning. That made Di Maria not want to continue playing in England.

    However, in the incident, thieves were unable to break into Di Maria’s home, which has led some to attribute the incident to Fletcher in 2009 as more serious than that of Di Maria in level one

    At the time, Fletcher was in the prime of one of his footballing careers. The former Scottish midfielder was one of the core of the “Red Devils” at the time, but one day a burglar broke into his home and Fletcher’s fiance was also at home.

    The thief at the time had even pointed a knife at Fletcher’s fiancée and snatched her head around the house, before the cat’s paw got several valuables. such as the £30,000 engagement ring. At the time of the incident, Fletcher was in Italy with his team-mates.

Steven Gerrard

    Although it is a favorite of Merseyside residents. But it didn’t prevent Gerrard from being target by thieves. The incident occurred in 2007, when he was playing for Liverpool in the UEFA Champions League, when the villain entered the house was Gerrard’s wife Alex Curran, His two children and his family nanny were also in the house.

    As for the villains in this case, there are a total of 4 people, all wearing masks to cover their faces and carrying knives. They even told Curran that if they didn’t hurry up and bring the jewels to them. and refused to tell me the code of the safe They will kidnap the children. Best of all, no one is seriously hurt.