Chelsea to submit 100 million euros plus Alonso

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Will get “Chelsea” to submit 100 million euros plus “Alonso” for the former Manchester United player to join the army.

Chelsea have pledged €100 million for Marcos Alonso in their pursuit of former Manchester United striker Romelu Lukaku.

On August 3, 64, “Lions Indigo Blue” Chelsea. The famous team of the English Premier League is report to have thrown 100 million euros or about 3,917 million baht. With Marcos Alonso the Spanish left-back. To hope to grab the former footballer of Romelu Lukaku, a giant Belgian striker of the “Python” Inter Milan.

The Italian Serie A giants from the Italian Serie A team to join the team this summer. According to reports from the famous media Sky Sports.

The former Manchester United player has shown a fiery form with Inter Milan. Helping the club to win the league for the first time in 11 years. Including an excellent performance. with Belgium national team at Euro 2020

From such excellent form, there is news that the former team “Lions Navy Blue” Chelsea are aiming to throw money to grab the 28-year-old striker back to join the team again to fix problems in the front area. That is still a problem. Due to Timo Werner’s underperforming Standard. But still the top team from the roof. Giuseppe Miazza has respond again.