Compare Player Wages “Man Utd – Young Boys”

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Compare the total Player Wages “Man Utd – Young Boys“. After a duel in the UCL battle. It can be said that they are very different from each other. For comparison, the transfer fee of both Manchester United and Young Boys after their recent duel in UCL 2021-22.

On September 16, 1964, it can be said. That they are the most distant. For the comparison of the players of the “Red Devils” Manchester United, the famous team of the English Premier League and “Young Boys”. The team from the Swiss League. After having just duel in the 2021-22 UEFA Champions League group stage, Group F, the first leg on Tuesday night.

Such games, the visiting team, “Red Devils” Manchester United have more doors lead to 1-0 by Chris Gutierrez down Ronaldo on 13 minutes, but the defenders Young Boys overtake two 1-night. 1 from Nicolas Mumi Kamalo in the 66th minute and Jordan Zibatcho scored the winning goal in the 90+5 minute of the game, with Jesse Lingard making a full error on the pass. The ball doesn’t look at the eyes of the boat. Before the opponent snatched the ball to shoot easily

However, although the game is over, but the transfer market (Transfermarkt) famous football website Come out to compare Player Wages of both teams. By visiting the “red devil” Manchester United’s Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, the Norwegian team manager. The team has a total value of up to 937 million euros, or about 36,464 million baht, while the local young boys team has David Wagner, a talented German manager with a Thai father. The total value is only 63 million euros or about 2,451 million baht only.