Evra shows off sheep for Ronaldo

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Former Cristiano Ronaldo left-back Patrice Evra posted a video showing him getting rid of the sheep in Cristiano Ronaldo’s neighborhood. After Rumor has it that the sound of sheep makes Ronaldo almost sleepless.

Former Manchester United left-back Patrice Evra has poste a funny clip of him taking the sheep from Cristiano Ronaldo’s home line. given

Ronaldo had just move from Juventus to United in the latest transfer window, with Evra one of the first to find out about it. From his close relationship with the Portuguese star players very much. Until the size of the chat before the official transfer of the team was announced.

  A few days ago, there was news that Ronaldo had to move home. Because the cries of sheep in the neighborhood were so loud that he couldn’t sleep. Despite reports that Ronaldo’s representative team came out to say. That it was not true, Evra posted a clip purportedly suggesting that he had wool on board. along with the message that “I got it for you, Ronaldo, now you can sleep.” Evra has been posting funny clips in the past. Until making his movements in the online world get some attention.

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