Gary calls for owner rules change after derby incident

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Former Manchester United defender Gary Neville has called for changes in football club ownership rules after Derby County became the latest club to be in control.

         “Sheep Khao Lek” had problems with financial fair play violations, or financial fair play, leading the EFL to flag the offense, which initially an independent disciplinary committee ruled the team acquitted. But the EFL appealed and won. 

         Most recently, the team was cut 12 points, making 7 points from seven league games in the Championship to -5 points, according to the incident, Gary urged the EFL to change the rules to prevent it. An event like this never happened again.

         “It’s a meltdown, another bomb, we have to stop this. When the owner enters the football club They have to take responsibility,” Gary told Sky Sports.

         “Until it happens We will continue to have this problem, we have Bury, Macclesfield, Derby, Bolton, Wigan, it’s time to stop.

         “I know there are criticisms led by fans. We need to hear from Nadine Dorries (New Culture Secretary) that she will support advice to avoid this.”

         “The Premier League is fantastic but it doesn’t matter more than losing your club. Derby has to chase and chase for which they don’t have a golden ticket. Now they are out of business. It shouldn’t have happened to a football club and an institution like Derby.”