Rangnick reveals the condition of the team is lacking in the game of ghosts to deal with Singha

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Manchester United head coach Ralph Rangnick has spoken about the team’s readiness ahead of the postponed home ufabet game against Chelsea on Thursday.

Rangnick confirmed the conditions for the game against Chelsea will be without Harry Maguire, Fred, Paul Pogba, Luke Shaw, Edinson Cavani, Jadon Sancho. that are not all ready “Fred, unfortunately, he’s not ready yet. He tried to practice yesterday. but after rehearsal I talked to him for a long time. He said he still didn’t feel fully fit. He’s not 100 percent.”

“With a player like Fred who has always given his best. with the muscle injury he had I think it doesn’t make sense to use him too quickly.” “Because that means we are at risk of re-injury. This is something we don’t want to do. So he won’t be ready for tomorrow,” Rangnick said of Fred. “Aside from that, we have Harry Maguire who isn’t ready. 

He has some knee issues. not a big problem But there was something disturbing in his knees. he didn’t practice Either yesterday or today.” “Paul, Fred, Edinson, Luke Shaw and Jadon [not playing] Jadon are sick, he has tonsillitis since yesterday. Did not practice today and will not be ready for tomorrow’s game.” Rangnick hopes to see Cavani return to training on Friday. 

“He should be back in training on Friday. A day after the Chelsea game, according to the medical team And we’ll have to wait and see.”