Ronaldo has a big problem and has to move house

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Well, people love their health! Cristiano Ronaldo has decided to leave his home less than a week. After facing problems that could affect playing for Manchester United

Manchester United forward Cristiano Ronaldo is force to leave home. After experiencing problems from the sound of sheep waking up until sleeping, according to a report from The Sun, British media on Thursday, September 16. 

The 36-year-old Portugal international, who recently moved from Juventus, returned to play for the Red Devils for the second round last summer before bringing his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez and children to life. Four people enter a house in the middle of 23 acres of beautiful nature, worth 6 million pounds (about 270 million baht). However, after just a week, Ronaldo, who cares deeply about his health. had to come face to face with the cries of sheep that made him unable to sleep There is also a fear of safety as well. Made the decision to move to a house worth 3 million pounds (about 135 million baht) in the Cheshire area instead.

One source said “Although the land is beautiful and lies in the fields and forests But it was close to the sheep, which was very noisy in the early morning. There is also a public sidewalk and a road in front that can be seen through the door into the house.”

“Ronaldo is a real professional who needs rest. and took a lot of time to recuperate after the game So he decided it would be best if he and his family moved.”

Ronaldo made a brilliant debut in his return to Old Trafford after scoring three goals in just two games.