Souness looks to top-four guns if they fix away games

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Souness looks to top-four guns if they fix away games. Former Liverpool forward Graeme Souness believes Arsenal have a good chance of securing a top-four finish this season if they improve on away play.

         The Gunners have continued to perform well and have now climbed to fourth in the table with 32 points from 18 games, and Souness views Mikel Arteta’s side will Can finish in the top four after Manchester City, Liverpool and Chelsea if they can improve their away form.

         “Right now they (Arsenal) are better than the rest of the team finishing in the top four. For me their offensive three are better than any other team,” Souness told Sky Sports.

         “I chose between Manchester United, Arsenal, Spurs, maybe West Ham thought they could intervene as well.”

         “Fourth is in hand. [Arsenal’s] but we are just halfway through the season. They also need to improve their form outside the home. That’s not good enough.”

         “We saw that when they visited Liverpool two weeks ago, the level of play Liverpool has now varies greatly.”

         “Yes, they have a chance to be fourth but Spurs are up, Man United are up and so is West Ham I think they can cause problems for all the teams they face.”