Emerson reveals the reason for not returning to Singha in the winter

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On-loan left-back Emerson Palmieri has revealed his reason for not returning to Chelsea during the January transfer window because he had vow to Juninho that he would stay at the ufabet club. until the end of the season

         Chelsea have had problems in the defensive line, especially in the back position. Ben Chilwell has been injured all season, leaving the team with a career left-back, only Marcos Alonso, in the past. Holding the midfield shin and the wing to temporarily resolve

         The 27-year-old, who is on loan in France, is in the midst of a pullback to help the team. But refer to the reason for not returning to Stamford Bridge. Because he had already spoken and had to keep his word.

         “I didn’t go back to Chelsea because I promised Juninho that I would be with the team for the rest of the season,” Emerson said after being asked about a return to Stamford. Bridge in January

         “I’m a word keeper. I like life in Lyon, I want to be here, next season. It’s hard to tell because it depends on the club. But I’m happy here.”

In a recent interview, Emerson revealed why he chose to stay back in France. He suggested that he wanted to keep the promise he made to sporting director Juninho about his commitment to the team for the season. Chelsea fans can have no qualms with Emerson regarding this, considering he is just being a man of his word- an admirable quality to have in any player.